To the Angel Above

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

(No April Fools, her birthday is on April 1st)

Each year as this day shows up, I feel a whirlwind of nostalgia but also sentiment. Thinking about when I was younger, going to see you and the rest of the family- and how I was happier then. Even though you’re in my heart and your spirit has been there to help me and guide me, it’s still hard to grasp. How I’d yell “Happy Birthday, Grandma!” so my mom would tell you I said happy birthday.

Words cannot collect on how much I miss you.

I know you have seen how far I’ve come from above, I hope that I’m continuing to make you proud. I’ve tried to keep my composure as I’m writing this, I know you’re not hurting, I know you’re not in pain, I know you’re at your happiest- the tears are a gushing waterfall that doesn’t stop.

It reminds me how blessed and thankful I am that you were in my life the way you were. That you brought my mom into this world that I see a resemblance. I love you, Grandma with all of my heart. I’ll continue to stay cheerful as I can and go every single day through the faith you have instilled and reminding me how much God loves me, how much he has a plan for my life.

Happy heavenly birthday.

From your granddaughter,




Recent university graduate who enjoys writing poetry and fiction. Author of three books.

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