Miles Back

A poem

Photo by Victor Lozano on Unsplash

I step away from the limelight
to reach more within me,
finding the deep root of
what was felt inside and
change for the better,
never finding the pinpoint
of what’s causing the commotion
to combust.

The melancholy walloped
as I was getting closer to
the bottom of the barrel,
despite these limbs and
their strength to ascend,
I’d feel myself plummeting
back to where I was,
implanted on the restless plane.

It all felt off, the flow
my brain would charge up
shouting at these fingerprints
to bleed, slime across the page,
they wouldn’t move-
even to compress wouldn’t
do anything as tiny scraps
of ideas were written to enhance,
future projects would spawn inside,
… yet it wasn’t there.

The desire of wanting to drip out
what I’ve explored and the twigs
produced to unload sits still,
anyone who tries to take a stab
would gain nothing.

The torch that was once dim
is slowly coming back to life,
the lighter clicks showing progress
of the little to midsize to
full-scale flares,
glowing my trials to
the luminescent rays,
until then…
onwards I shall.



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