An Endless Maze

A Poem

Photo by John T on Unsplash

My pedestals tremble along
the tattered pavement guiding
diverse avenues to reach the end,
you seem so close- but the more
I tip-toe throughout these
caressing tangles,
you’re out in the distance.

Each shutter my eyes capture
you’re in another location,
any attempt to get close
alarmed you to go further,
I’m playing this game of chase
and my legs are constrained from
how much I’ve stride.

Are my soles worth aching?
Being fooled in his tricks,
trapped into his deception
I consider backtracking,
my gut senses a scheme
from the inconsistency
he’s exhibiting.

I don’t deserve the marathon
along the route to get to you,
all for you to merge in
another lane,
rushing to be concealed
from my gaze-

I don’t deserve you.



Recent university graduate who enjoys writing poetry and fiction. Author of three books.

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